What Happened to Clash of Clans Global Chat?

What Happened to Clash of Clans Global Chat?
Clash of Clans is a strategy game for Android and iOS devices. The game has been around since 2012 and has been downloaded by millions of people. Clash of Clans is free to download and play, but there are in-game purchases available.

The game features two types of currency: Gems and Gold. Gems can be used to purchase items in the game or speed up production. Gold is used to construct buildings and train troops. Both currencies can be earned by completing tasks within the game, but Gems are more difficult to come by.

In June 2016, Supercell, the company that makes Clash of Clans, released an update that removed the ability for players to chat with each other globally. This was done in an effort to reduce harassment and trolling within the game.

However, many players were upset by this change and have been clamoring for a way to chat with others from around the world again.

Supercell has not announced any plans to bring back global chat, but there is a workaround that allows players to chat with each other once again.

Here’s how to get Clash of Clans global chat back:

1) Download and install a VPN app on your device. We recommend using TunnelBear (Android / iOS).

2) Open the VPN app and connect to a server location outside of your country. For example, if you’re located in the United States, connect to a server in Canada or Europe.

3) Start Clash of Clans and go to the in-game chat feature. You should now see global chat options available.

4) Select a player from the list and start chatting!

Keep in mind that this method may not work for everyone, as it depends on your current location and the server locations available through your VPN provider.

Clash of Clans Global Chat Removed Because of Trolling and Bullying

Clash of Clans is a game for smart phones and tablets that allows people to build virtual armies and wage war against other players online. The game has been around since 2012 and has amassed a large following of dedicated fans.

However, earlier this week, the developers of Clash of Clans announced that they were removing the game’s global chat feature due to trolling and bullying. In a statement released on the game’s official website, the developers said:

We have reluctantly decided to remove the Global Chat feature from Clash of Clans in all regions. This decision has not been taken lightly, but after careful consideration we believe it is in the best interests of our players.

They went on to say that the decision was made after extensive research and discussion, and that they do not take this decision lightly.

The developers also revealed that they would be working on new features to help reduce toxicity within the game, such as improved reporting tools and more opportunities for positive player interactions.

This move has been met with mixed reactions from the Clash of Clans community. Some players are disappointed that they will no longer be able to talk to friends from all over the world, while others understand the decision and believe it will create a more positive environment for the game.

What do you think about this decision? Let us know in the comments!

Clash of Clans Global Chat: Is It Really Gone Forever?

On May 23, Supercell announced that the global chat feature in Clash of Clans would be discontinued. This announcement came as a shock to the Clash of Clans community, as global chat has been a staple feature of the game since its release in 2012. Many players use global chat to socialize with other players from around the world, and some even use it to form clans and organize attacks. Without global chat, these players will no longer be able to communicate with each other outside of their own clan chats.

Supercell has not given a clear explanation for why they are removing global chat from the game. However, many players believe that it is because of the recent increase in toxic and abusive behavior in the chat. In the past few months, there have been numerous reports of players being harassed, bullied, and threatened in global chat. This has led to many players leaving the game altogether. It is possible that Supercell is removing global chat in an attempt to stop this toxic behavior and improve the overall experience for all players.

Despite the negative reactions from many players, it is important to remember that Clash of Clans is still a fun and enjoyable game. The removal of global chat will not change that. There are plenty of other ways to socialize with other players, such as through clan chats or the forums. And who knows? Maybe Supercell will eventually add a new and improved chat system that is more positive and welcoming for all players.

How To Bring Back Clash of Clans Global Chat

The Clash of Clans community has long called for the return of Global Chat. In the past, Supercell has maintained that they will not bring back Global Chat due to the negative impact it has on the game experience. However, with the recent release of Clan Wars 2.0, it appears that Supercell may be reconsidering their stance.

Global Chat was first introduced in 2014 and allowed players to chat with each other regardless of language barriers. The feature quickly became popular among the Clash of Clans community. However, Supercell eventually removed Global Chat due to the high amount of trolling and toxic behavior that was taking place.

Now, with the release of Clan Wars 2.0, it appears that Supercell is once again considering the idea of Global Chat. In the update notes for the new feature, Supercell states that they are exploring ways to make sure everyone can enjoy chatting in their own language. This suggests that the developer is looking into ways to mitigate the issue of trolls and toxic behavior.

While there is no guarantee that Global Chat will make a return to Clash of Clans, it is encouraging to see that Supercell is at least considering the possibility. Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to chat with our fellow clansmen from all over the world in the near future!

How To Fix Clash of Clans Global Chat

If you’re a fan of mobile strategy games, then there’s a good chance you’ve played Clash of Clans. The game is one of the most popular in its genre and has been downloaded millions of times. While it’s generally a fun game to play, there are a few problems that can occur. One such problem is with the game’s global chat feature. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix this issue.

The first thing you should do if you’re having trouble with Clash of Clans global chat is to make sure that you’re using the latest version of the game. If you’re not, then you should update the game as soon as possible. To do this, simply open the App Store on your device and tap on the Updates tab. From here, you should see an option to update Clash of Clans. Simply tap on this and follow the instructions to install the latest version of the game.

Once you’ve done this, the next thing you need to do is restart your device. This will ensure that any changes made to the game are applied properly. Once your device has restarted, launch Clash of Clans and try accessing global chat again. If it still doesn’t work, then the next step is to reset your network settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will delete all your current network settings and replace them with the defaults.

If resetting your network settings doesn’t fix the problem, then you may need to uninstall and reinstall Clash of Clans. To do this, simply hold down on the Clash of Clans icon until it jiggles and then tap on the x that appears. Doing this will delete the game from your device but won’t remove any saved data. Once the game has been uninstalled, head over to the App Store and search for Clash of Clans again. Install the game and launch it. From here, try accessing global chat once more.

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