How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans?

How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans?

A league medal is a physical representation of your success in a particular season of Ranked play. In order to earn a league medal, you must first achieve one of the predetermined ranks during a season. Once you have achieved the required rank, you will be awarded the corresponding medal at the end of the season.

The following list details the steps necessary to earn each type of medal:

1) Earn a bronze league medal by placing within the bottom 40% of players in your region at the end of a ranked season.

2) Earn a silver league medal by placing within the top 40-60% of players in your region at the end of a ranked season.

3) Gold medals are reserved for the top 20-30% of players in a region and require consistent high placements throughout the season.

4) Platinum medals are only achievable by the top 10% of players in a region and denote exceptional skill and competitive placement consistency.

5) Diamond medals are only obtainable by players who reach the very top of their server; this is generally only achievable by professional players or those with an extraordinarily large amount of time to dedicate to the game.

6) Master tier is only available on select servers and is the highest possible ranking that can be achieved. Players in this tier represent the absolute best of the best and typically only maintain their position through constant dedication and effort.

How to Use League Medals

There are many different ways that you can use your League Medals. Some people like to keep them all in one place, while others prefer to give them out to family and friends. Here are a few ideas on how to use your League Medals:

1. Give them out as gifts.

If you know someone who is a big fan of the league, why not give them a medal? It shows that you support their favourite team, and it will be a cherished gift.

2. Use them as decorations.

League Medals make great decorations, whether you put them on your mantlepiece or hang them on your wall. They add a touch of class to any room and show everyone that you’re a true fan.

3. Start a collection.

Many people like to collect things, and League Medals are the perfect item to start with. You can try to get one from every team, or focus on your favourite players. Either way, it’s a fun way to show off your fandom.

4. Wear them with pride.

Some people like to wear their medals around their neck or on a chain. This is a great way to show off your support for your team, and it also lets everyone know that you’re a die-hard fan.

5. Display them prominently.

If you have a lot of League Medals, you may want to consider putting them on display. This is a great conversation starter, and it lets everyone know how much you love the league.

The Best Way to Get League Medals

And Trophies

As a passionate football fan, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving recognition for your successes on the field through medals and trophies. Here are a few tips on how to ensure you get your hands on the best silverware available:

1. Join or create a team that has a good track record of winning. This will up your chances of being successful and being able to select from the best range of prizes.

2. Train hard and play to win. This might seem like an obvious one but putting in the extra effort will make all the difference come game day.

3. Be a good role model for your teammates. Not only will this improve team morale but it will also make you more likely to be voted captain, which comes with its own responsibilities including choosing the post-match awards.

4. Support your local club or teams. Showing regular interest in their activities will put you in good stead should you ever need to borrow equipment or request access to training facilities.

5. Keep an eye out for competitions and tournaments that you can enter as an individual or with a group. These events often have valuable medals and trophies up for grabs, so it’s worth doing your research beforehand.

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